May 20

An Open Letter To Our Future Clients

Dear Prospective Client,

When shopping professional firms to resolve your tax issue, it quickly becomes difficult to sort through the webs of promises made by vying tax professionals. Tax Champions makes it easy. We are transparent about what you should expect and we make ourselves available to you at all times for questions or concerns. We understand the gravity of your choice in tax firms and are pleased to offer honest, straight-forward information about what to expect from our firm:

  1. We will never base our fees on the amount of tax you owe. (Be wary of firms that do.) Our all-inclusive fee is based on a conservative estimate of time and work needed to conclude your case.
  2. Upon your choice of our firm, we will present you with an engagement letter. This engagement letter will serve as our written agreement. It outlines our expectations of you and what you can expect from us. (Please remember that the tax services we provide are based on existing law and guidelines set forth by the various government agencies.  There is no such thing as “insider” deals. Tax Champions leverages its unique, and intimate, familiarity of the 74,000 pages of tax code to achieve outstanding results for our clients.)
  3. We will not recommend a “tactic” unless it has a good chance of succeeding. Many of our visitors want to apply for an Offer in Compromise (a settlement with the IRS for pennies on the dollars of what you owe). What many people don’t realize is that over 90% of offers are denied by the IRS. We will always explore all avenues to reduce your tax debt, but we will not waste your time or money on something we know won’t work.
  4. Expectations; it is so important that you fully understand what your outcome will likely be.  The law prohibits us from making promises. We do fulfill what we have agreed to do for you as set forth in your engagement letter and ensure that we fight for the absolute best results obtainable.  We will OFTEN go above and beyond what we have agreed to do without “upselling”.  We want happy clients.
  5. Our clients are welcome to call me anytime they need to. I am here working for you as are my staff.

If the above topics are in alignment with what you’re looking for in a tax firm, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation, 24 hours a day at 1-800-518-8964.



Walter Wotman, CPA

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