Oct 20

Negotiated Settlements for tax debt

Dealing with a tax debt that you are not able to pay in full can be a stressful circumstance that is extremely difficult to deal with. The IRS has not made it any easier with hours of being on hold and then when you finally get a live person, there is little compassion for your situation. The IRS representatives who answer these call's job is to try to get as much money from you as quickly as possible and the payment plans they offer in many cases are not within ones budget, making a bad situation worse. The truth is that there are many IRS payment programs which are based on a tax payer's ability to pay and in many cased can result in a reduction of what is paid back to the IRS. Our firm has almost 40 years of experience navigating these programs on behalf of our clients. Our firm will perform a full review of your financial picture to determine which program is going to be most favorable for our client and will negotiate to achieve the best results.

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