How it Works

If you’re reading this, the chances are good that you’re facing consequences for back-tax debt. You’re not alone, and there’s hope for resolving the debt. You can get back on the IRS’s good side without sacrificing the roof over your head or a meal in your stomach. Tax Champions can help. Here’s how it works.

How It Works: The Initial Consultation

The first step in resolving tax debt is to decide whether you’ll hire a tax professional or do the work yourself. Some cases clearly call for professional help, while others are easy to resolve on your own.

For example, if the IRS is considering you for a trust fund recovery penalty, experts recommend that you hire a tax professional. On the other hand, if you need to know your overdue balance so you can make a full payment, you can easily handle that on your own.

Although those choices are simple, most cases depend on a multitude of factors. For that reason, Tax Champions offers a free, confidential personal consultation. One of our experienced tax experts will speak to you about the details of your case.

Don’t worry; there are no strings attached. You never have any obligation to hire our firm, and we don’t charge anyone a fee for the initial consultation.

As a result, you’ll gain additional information about your case and your options for resolution. We’ll also offer a recommendation for the option that is likely to achieve the most favorable results. Furthermore, we’ll be happy to clarify any information we discuss during the consultation and answer all your questions.

How it Works: The Engagement Letter

During the consultation, our tax expert may conclude that hiring a tax firm to handle your case isn’t in your best interest. If that’s the case, he or she will candidly explain how you can accomplish your goal on your own. Tax Champions isn’t in the business of obtaining a high quantity of clients. In other words, our tax experts are not salespeople. Our business is to provide our clients with quality work and impeccable service, as indicated by our A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.

On the other hand, if your case will indeed benefit from the services our firm offers, our tax expert will explain how we can help. If you agree, we’ll send you an engagement letter.

An engagement letter serves as a contract. It describes the resolution strategy we discuss during the consultation. It includes the services that we’ll perform in order to resolve your issue with the most favorable results.

Additionally, it includes the costs of our services. The cost of services is calculated according to the time and work involved in resolving your case. We cap the fee off at the cost we discuss during the consultation. That is to say, we’ll perform the services necessary to resolve your case for the flat fee, and no more.

Our hope is that you’ll be happy with our work and continue to use Tax Champions for all tax work you need in the future. For that reason, we do our best to minimize the flat rate as much as possible.

If our work exceeds our estimation, we won’t charge you another penny. However, if we finish the work in less time than we anticipated when calculating the fee, we will refund the difference.

Work Begins Immediately

We understand that tax issues are particularly stressful, especially when the IRS has taken aggressive collection action. For that reason, we begin work on your case immediately. Our tax expert emails the engagement letter to your inbox. You can read through it and sign it digitally. Once you submit your digitally signed engagement letter, you and our firm will receive an executed copy.

In addition, if your case requires our tax professionals to speak on the IRS for you, we’ll include a Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney gives us the authority to speak to the IRS on your behalf. We’ll forward this to the IRS immediately, roll up our sleeves, and get to work right away.

How it Works: Communicating with the IRS

Once you’ve returned the signed engagement letter and power of attorney, if applicable, you are relieved of the obligation to communicate with the IRS. If a revenue agent attempts to speak with you over the phone or in person, you simply refer them to your representative and give them our name and phone number.

The law then requires the revenue agent to contact Tax Champions regarding your case until you, or we, withdraw the power of attorney. If the revenue agent attempts to contact you in person, simply follow the same protocol.

Should the IRS try to contact you by written correspondence, they should also send a copy of the notice to our offices. Most of the time, we receive notices to our clients from the IRS.

However, it’s not a fool-proof process. Sometimes, the revenue agent does not send a second copy to our offices. For that reason, we ask our clients to contact us when they receive a notice. If the IRS didn’t send us a copy of the notice, we’ll ask you to fax or email the notice to us.

This team effort in communication ensures that we have every opportunity to follow the direction of the IRS on your case. This effort also allows our clients the opportunity to ask questions and stay abreast of progress. That’s not all; our staff will contact you throughout the process to update you on the headway we’re making on your case, as well.

No Loose Ends

Finally, when the negotiation is complete and we have established a fitting payment plan, the last step is to make the payments. Our staff will then set up the payment option of your choice and provide you with the necessary information to send payments.

The IRS takes no further collection action against the taxpayer, as long as payments are made in a timely manner. However, interest and penalties continue to accrue until the last payment is made. If you have the means to pay more than your minimum payment on the installment plan, we advise our clients to do so.

The sooner our clients pay off their back-tax debt, the less money they need to pay the IRS.

Why Tax Champions?

We understand that there is no shortage of tax firms pining to do tax relief. We sincerely thank you for considering Tax Champions. Tax Champions has the experience and capability of a large tax firm, without the large price tag. What’s more, Tax Champions is small enough to offer our clients friendly, personalized service.

Walter Wotman, founder of Tax Champions, has always prioritized quality, detailed work and top-notch customer service. Today, Mr. Wotman’s vision has expanded to an office culture and staff dedication that’s second to none.

After over 35 years successfully halting aggressive IRS collection tactics and resolving back-tax debt, we’re proud of our reputation. Not only do we have an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, but we have no customer complaints.

We’ve never had a disciplinary action or complaint with the Board of Accountancy or the IRS, either. Take advantage of our free consultation and give us a call today at 888.518.8964. We’re available seven days a week, during morning, afternoon, and evening hours. Give us a call today and sleep better tonight!

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Walter Wotman, CPA

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Walter Wotman's Tax Champions authored this helpful Guide to IRS Tax Resolution for American taxpayers. He is one of America's most experienced tax negotiators with over 35 years of experience helping thousands of clients settle difficult back tax issues.

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