Oct 20

Corporate tax audit

Walter Wotman, owner and head CPA of Tax Champions and his staff have successfully represented a vast array of businesses through the audit process. It doesn't matter if your business is large or small. We make sure that every client is treated with the same professionalism to ensure the best results possible in each and […]
Oct 20

Penalty Abatement Representation

As with most dealings with the IRS, requesting a penalty abatement can be difficult to accomplish on your own without extensive knowledge of tax law and experience in dealing with the specifics of what may or may not qualify for a successful penalty abatement and in many cases it may take appealing the denial of […]
Oct 20

Penalty Abatement Forms

The form used for the most common circumstances for abatement certain penalties is the 843 Request for Abatement and Refund form. Some of the reasons for utilizing this form for an abatement or refund would be for additional tax caused by certain delays or errors by the IRS, an employer error or over withheld tax […]
Oct 20

First time penalty abatement

There are several ways to accrue penalties with the IRS such as failing to pay your tax bill on time, filing your taxes late or not filing at all to name a few. The IRS will agree to abate certain penalties through the First Time Penalty Abatement waiver which can be applied for a single […]
Oct 20

Negotiated Settlements

Working with the IRS when you owe them more money than you can afford to pay is never a fun process which lands many tax payers into more trouble by accepting an agreement that they cannot afford. The IRS will always try to get you to pay as much money as quickly as possible using […]
Oct 20

Unfiled taxes

The number one issue that tends to lead to most other tax problems is having unfiled tax returns. The IRS will not consider any type of negotiated settlement or payment agreement until a tax payer is current with their filings. In certain cases, when a number of years go by without filing, the IRS will […]
Jun 25

Stop Paying Payroll Taxes to the IRS?

It happens all the time. An Employer has many responsibilities and burdens.  And when a business begins to hire employees, more fun ensues. There are many requirements for reporting wages and filing taxes.  Most employers can hire a company to handle these types of matters or purchase software to aid the employer in filing and […]

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