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Back taxes can turn into a huge problem for you and your family. We're offering a free case review. No up-front fees. If you qualify, we will negotiate a back tax settlement for you to finally resolve your back tax problems. The IRS is out to collect back taxes, now more than ever. Without a warrant, the IRS can garnish your wages, place liens against your property and even levy your bank account or 401k. They also know that you may not have the ability to pay your tax debt in full. To solve this growing problem, the IRS has created programs that allow you to legally settle your tax debt and set up an affordable payment plan for an amount that may be less than you owe. We can help. Schedule your free back tax review now.

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Tax Champions Back Tax HelpOur qualified team of experienced CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Tax Attornys and Certified Tax Experts will represent you or your company before the IRS. With over 30 years of successful tax resolution experience behind us we know what it takes to get results and how to solve tax problems. Don't put off dealing with the IRS. Get expert help to resolve your back tax issues. Put Tax Champions 30 years of successful tax experience to work for you today.

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When I contacted Walter Wotman at Tax Champions, that's when everything changed around for me and my whole ordeal with the IRS finally came to an end."


What an AWESOME experience! Finally, someone that helps answer questions about taxes owed to the IRS that is actually knows what they are talking about and CARES! I called the toll free number and was transferred to an associate who was patient with my questions, told me immediately how to handle the situation and said to feel free to call back after I had completed what he said to do, if I had any more questions. Called back again today and was again met with professionalism and knowledge. GREAT company! GREAT people! Thank you, Tax Champions."

We worked with Tax Champions to save one of our clients in excess of a million dollars on a negotiated IRS tax settlement... Our client is completely thrilled with the results that they got. I would highly recommend them."

Kevin Bond

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